Humus Tourism Consultancy & Development

A Tourism Consultancy With Hands-On Experience


We bring an extensive applied experience in inbound and outbound travel, encompassing (among others) product creation and development, contracting, budgeting, operational management and tour leading. Our methodology is pragmatic, thorough and readily applicable.

We manage your project holistically or as per your requirements, leveraging our expertise to conceptualise, refine, and boost new initiatives and established concepts.

Humus offers consultancy services for:

  • Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
  • Product Design and Development
  • Ecological Business Transition
  • Vocational Training

Humus partners with private businesses, public tourism bodies and public organisations.

Humus specialises in consultancy and training for tourism businesses of all sectors, new or existing, regardless of their size. 

We come from a long hands-on experience in the travel industry, doing everything from product creation, contracting, budgeting, operations and accompanying tours. 

In nature, “humus” is rich and healthy soil, providing the fertile basis for the growth of any plant or crop. It consists of transformed natural residues decomposed into a new organic matter that is a vitamin-boost for the soil. Sustainability at its best, that we wish to carry into the travel & tourism industry.

Humus also has “human” in it, and the tourism industry is all about people: by people, for people and between people.

Natural scenary in Saudi Arabia with rock reflections in the water on an off-road path - Photo by Caro Degryse

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Tourism, as defined by the UNWTO, comprehensively considers its present and future
economic, social, and environmental impacts while meeting the requirements of visitors, the
industry, the environment, and host communities.

Responsible Tourism aims to enhance living conditions in destinations and improve the quality of visitor experiences. It requires all involved parties to assume responsibility and take actions to promote sustainable tourism practices.

Humus adheres to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism and can support you in the transition of your product offering and in improving your sustainability performance. 


Founder of Humus Tourism Consultancy

Professional Certificate from GSTC

What we do

Tourism Consultancy, tourism training, travel product development, hospitality, entertainment & tourism project development.

We work with DMCs, Tour Operators, NGOs, Government Sector, Tourism Boards, and Tourism Investors.

Sustainable Destination Development

Develop Your Tourism Destination

B2B Travel Product Development

Develop Tourism Products

Consultancy & Representation

Get Tourism Expert Advice

Capacity Development & Training

Build Tourism & Hospitality Skills

White door open in a large open field - Photo by Caro Degryse

Our approach

Our aim is to accompany you in a professional way and in maintaining the vision and objectives of your project.

Leveraging our technical skills and experience in the tourism industry, our approach is hands-on, creative and practical, and in cooperation with you, your team and your partners. Our solutions are tailored and implementable. 

We operate across the entire value chain; from strategy to development and operational management encompassing design and project management.

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