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Sustainable Tourism development

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Responsible Tourism was defined by the Cape Town Declaration in 2002 as making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set up by the UN in 2015 now have a dedicated version for tourism companies, travellers and organisations.

The UNWTO defines Sustainable Tourism as tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic; social and environmental impacts; addressing the needs of visitors; the industry; the environment and host communities. 

And then there are the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Principles for hotels & tour operators and destinations; where and how do they fit in? Green Globe, Travelife, B-Corp,… Plenty of sustainability labels to be obtained. Which label is best suited for your organisation and how do you get certified? It is easy to get lost in the myriad of labels, guidelines and definitions of sustainable and responsible tourism. 

They all have one common denominator though: we must do things differently to guarantee the longevity of the sector; and that unequivocally involves destinations and local communities, travellers and the environment. The challenge is massive and it can be daunting and confusing to know where to start. 

Whatever your goal, or wherever you are in the transformation process to a more sustainable and responsible tourism, Humus can assist you in defining a sustainability strategy, with milestones and objectives, that works for the entire business or destination. We also support putting your sustainability strategy into practice through training, product development or destination assessment.

Caro holds GSTC and Green Globe certifications and has completed the Postgraduate certificate in sustainable business from the University of Cambridge, Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Tourism Destination Development
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Capacity & Tourism Training


Sustainable Destination Assessment & Development

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Through in-depth assessment and audit of available resources, assets and destination facilities, we support a plan and vision for the development of your destination that takes visitor expectations, involvement of local communities, overall destination strategy and economical and environmental impact into consideration.

This can include a.o. accommodation, food & beverage outlets, tourism offices and heritage sites, agrotourism and leisure activities.

Humus also assists you in implementing and executing the plan.

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Community-based Tourism Development

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When a destination grows exponentially, the benefits and involvement of the local communities can become secondary. The participation of the local community in planning, decision making, and benefit sharing is however of the utmost importance to ensure the destination keeps its welcoming character and authenticity. 

Humus can assist communities to create experiences that provide visitors with an insight into the local culture and traditions, and at the same time provide these communities with awareness on visitor expectations, quality standards and environmental practices. 

These micro-businesses provide an income and financial independence for the communities and ensure the local communities become a financial stakeholder in the local economy.

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Create Tourism Products & Experiences

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Based on a destination masterplan or quest for new opportunities, we support travel businesses and destinations with the creation of tourism products and experiences.

Options include but are not limited to itineraries or holiday packages, luxury or wellness experiences, hiking or adventure trips, community-based tourism etc

We assist with market research, concept creation and feasibility study, contracting and product marketing.

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Capacity Development & Training Programmes

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To bring a strategy to life and achieve its goals and objectives, all stakeholders need to be on board and trained. Many roles in the tourism industry require specific skills and knowledge, however often employees or workers in the industry have no formal training. 

Humus training programmes are aimed at:
  • Increasing the practical skills of employees in the back office or face to face servicing capacity
  • Increasing the quality of tourism services provided
  • Creating local job opportunities
  • Establishing opportunities for rural communities
  • Improving the contact between travellers and local communities
  • Increasing the commercial performance of the business
  • Strengthening the competitive advantage of the business
Humus Supports With Training Programmes And Modules For: 

Tourism & Transportation Companies: 

  • Product Planning & Development
  • Product Pricing
  • Contracting
  • Operational delivery and support
  • Reservations and sales 
  • After sales 

Field staff training for:

  • Tour leaders / National guides
  • 4×4 drivers
  • Specialised tour leaders: desert, mountain, adventure touring


  • Homestays / guest-houses
  • Small independent hotels
  • Host dining experiences at home
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